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Video Consultation

World Quality Business Coaching and Management Coaching with a 100% focus on results

For Directors, Managers and Middle Management:

Conceptual and practical development of commercial, organizational, individual and team productivity skills.

Implementation of learning at work, with the guidance and support of the Coach.

Coaching Programs for Executives and Business Owners.

In this Online Program we will learn

We are a training, training and guidance company, formed by a team of professionals dedicated to helping business owners, directors and executives direct their efforts, so that they can have greater profits and more free time.


At RLS we use different training and training systems, such as business coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, seminars and workshops, applying proven strategies worldwide, to guide our clients, and ensure that they achieve the goals they set. .

Not only are we going to guide and support you along the way, we are also going to help you improve your work team, so that you have a committed work team that not only wears the shirt, but sweats it too.

If you are a Business Owner, General Director or Executive with some degree of decision making in your company, at RLS you can find the support and learning you need to improve your results.

If what you are looking for is to develop your business vision projected into the future, align your objectives

Our services


Business Coaching Programs





Fénix Elite Program (Business Group Training)


Life Coaching Programs

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Bronze


AGA Program (Learning to Generate Abundance)


Workshops and Seminars (Open and closed)

  • Simple Sales with NLP

  • Teamwork

  • Telephone as an income generator

  • Winning customer service

  • Finance for Non-Financial

  • Communication techniques

  • And variety of topics.

In this Online Program we will learn

When you have already decided to “make things happen” and make the necessary changes in Your Business and hire the services of a Coach, Mentor and Business Guide, it is time to define what will be your path to a successful business and a better quality of life. This is achieved through:


This advice and report is designed both for the Business Owner who is interested in growing their Company in the short and medium term, and for those who have a clear idea of where they want to be in 5 years and the steps that must be taken to get there.

Your Business Evaluation meeting will last 3 to 4 hours, and during this time your Business Coach will review in detail the information you provide to:

  • Assess What is the current performance of your business in 5 key areas?

  • Define What are the main challenges and problems you are having in your Company, in the Market and with your product?

  • Identify which areas offer the greatest potential for benefits and improvements?

  • Determine How effectively are you using your resources, including your time and your people? and

  • Establish the goals you want for your business and for yourself as part of it.

With the information collected during the meeting, your Business Coach will analyze it and determine what are the recommended strategies and actions to achieve the growth you want for your business, including a general description of how to implement each of them. . . How quickly will you be able to implement these ideas and start seeing results? . . This depends solely on your response speed and the level of your enthusiasm.

Within 15 days after the meeting, your Business Plan will be ready and will be the guide for your business during the next 12 months. Your Coach will meet with you personally to deliver the Final Report and jointly analyze the results and answer any questions. that you had

In this Online Program we will learn

Having your Business Coach is the key to achieving the success you are looking for. Whether what you want is to sell more, or grow your business, or have a more dynamic and effective team of people, or systematize your operation in such a way that you have the confidence that it will be able to operate without you having to be there, etc, etc, etc. . . Your Business Guide and Coach is the key for you to achieve this and more.

Having a Business Coach means that you:

  • Have someone , who understands your position, with whom you can “ bounce ideas ”.

  • You are accountable to an Advisor for achieving the goals you have established for yourself and your business, who will proactively ensure that you work “FOR” your Business and not “IN” your Business.

  • Have Guidance from someone Trained and Trained to understand the personal development process to overcome the challenges that the CHANGE PROCESS implies for the Business Owner to become an ENTREPRENEUR.

  • Stay motivated to achieve your goals and continue your growth.

RLS offers Business Owners three different Individual Programs and a Group Program, together we will select the one that we believe will lead you to achieve your personal and business goals:
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It is a Program to support you in the Development of your Basic Business Plan. This program is designed for those businesses that feel that the business is getting out of control, they are businesses that have been in business for at least two years and whose Owners want the Learning Curve time to be reduced as much as possible. It is ideal for businesses that, because they are new, do not yet have the necessary infrastructure to take full advantage of the benefits offered by our other 2 Programs or for those businesses whose Owners consider that they only need a “quick injection” of enthusiasm and guidance each month. . .


  • A session of up to 4 hours (in person) to perform an alignment consultation.

  • A weekly zoom telephone session lasting up to one hour, for the evaluation of results and definition of actions and strategies to be taken, based on the Evaluation Report (alignment).

  • A two-hour meeting each month to review and evaluate the materials, scripts and formats that will be used for the implementation of the agreed strategies for the month.

  • 1 DISC report


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DURATION: 6 to 12 months.

Red Frames and Ribbons




This program is suitable for those Business Owners who really want to keep their business going in a successful way. The type of business that benefits most from this program is the one in which the Owner really wants the strategies and recommendations established in the “Current Business Situation Report” to be implemented in his business, in the quickest and most effective way.


  • A weekly meeting in our offices lasting up to two hours, to evaluate results and define actions and strategies to take.

  • Two two-hour meetings each month to review and evaluate the materials, scripts and formats that will be used for the implementation of the agreed strategies for the month.

  • Two hours per month of consultations via e-mail.

  • During the life of the Program, Four visits to your key suppliers or clients, to establish strategies or alliances and obtain their feedback and ideas for the growth of your business.

  • Two DISC reports

  • 1 Business workshop for you and your staff, maximum 5 people during the life of the program.


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DURATION: 12 months.




This Program is ideal for that Business Owner who is convinced and motivated to lead the CHANGE PROCESS in his Company to take it to the new levels that have been established as a goal, the above regardless of how well the business is working and how solid be its base of operation.

He knows that he alone would eventually make things happen, but he is convinced that working with his business instructor will make a big and real difference in his life and in the position of his business in the market. This Program is not for conformists or for those who do not like to commit, it is for those Business Owners who are willing to make a difference and are not afraid to take on challenges.

With the ABUNDANCE PROGRAM, your personal goals as well as those of the business are made compatible. Working with you and on yourself is the key to implementing what you want in your business. . . Yes, we are also going to cover all aspects of the business, but as your Business Instructor we demand of ourselves to achieve results and prevent you from returning to those old vices that in the past prevented you from achieving what you wanted. . . Includes:

  • A weekly meeting lasting up to three hours, to evaluate results and define actions and strategies to take.

  • Two three-hour meetings each month to review and evaluate the materials, scripts and formats that will be used for the implementation of the agreed strategies for the month.

  • Four hours per month of consultations via e-mail.

  • During the life of the Program, Eight visits to your key suppliers or clients, to establish strategies or alliances and obtain their feedback and ideas for the growth of your business.

  • A monthly book to keep you learning and developing.

  • Four DISC reports

  • During the life of the Program Two training courses or seminars for you and your team on topics such as sales, customer service, formation of successful work teams, telemarketing, etc. Maximum 10 people.


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DURATION: 12 months


FENIX Elite PROGRAM GROUP program (Maximum 10 companies per module)


This Program is ideal for those Business Owners who are dissatisfied with the sales and profits their companies have, in addition, they dedicate too much time to “work”.

It will allow you to learn different options to respond to 3 key aspects of your business:

  • Your time at work… How to reduce it?

  • Your profits… How to increase them?

  • Your sales… How to increase them?

Imagine with the implementation of simple strategies, and some secrets from the world of Marketing, you will be able to transcend your business and achieve the quality of life you have always wanted.

As your Coach, I will provide you with a Methodology and tools to “Re-Invent” and enhance your business. Even if you are already successful in your business, now is the time to become the best in your field, and position yourself several steps ahead of your competition.


  • 5 Modules of 8 weekly sessions of 2.5 hours. each one, in which topics such as time management, how to achieve cash flow control, the process to delegate effectively, how to generate prospects for Your Business, among other topics will be covered.

Call us to find out about current groups and upcoming openings in your city.

DURATION: 2 to 3 months per module. (The entire program 12 months)

Video Consultation
Leather Briefcase

How would you like to have an expert Business Coach to answer your difficult questions?

We know that the life of business owners is usually very lonely, with little time to interact with friends, children and family have their own issues, and employees are not always very objective when expressing their feelings, for obvious reasons. .
Every business owner needs at some point to have a point of view from outside their company, since within the company it is difficult to find an objective opinion and in most cases workshop blindness prevents us from seeing further.

Just as we go to visit the doctor for a consultation, at RLS México you can also make a consultation to find out what is hurting your business, and not only that, but also obtain the prescription that can put you back in financial health. your business.

Investment: Request a quote (It can also be in person at our offices)

Video Call

Trial Coaching Session

You can have a Trial Coaching session so you know how our sessions work.


The session is at our facilities, via zoom or by phone.


Duration: 1 hour


Investment: Request a quote

Which of these options do you think would help you have a successful and profitable business that operates without you having to be enslaved? . . that provides you with an impressive income and the free time necessary for a better quality of life for you and your family?

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